America’s First and Only ‘Cuddle House’ Closes its Doors – Lawyers Fear Front for Prostitution

America’s First and Only ‘Cuddle House’ Closes its Doors – Lawyers Fear Front for ProstitutionPerhaps the world’s only sex-free brothel has been officially closed down by state authorities, having been accused of encouraging and offering considerably more than its advertised services.

Punters heading over to the ‘Snuggle House’ in Madison, Wisconsin were apparently being offered a series of ‘innocent’ service packages, which included cuddling, snuggling up and spooning…all for the bargain rate of just $60 per hour. It all sounds charming enough, but the authorities weren’t buying the cute and cuddly façade, instead accusing the place of being a brothel in disguise.

Or in their own words, a ‘front for prostitution’.

So after just a month in business, the ‘professional’ huggers are officially out of business and a pretty sizeable client-list will be going well and truly un-hugged. Those in charge of the place eventually caved to the pressure put on them by city authorities, who made it pretty clear what they thought was going on.

Hugs for a dollar a minute? Turns out they weren’t convinced.

“OK, this is going to be a place of prostitution,” said local attorney Jennifer Zilavy.

“There’s no way that will not happen,”

‘No offense to men, but I don’t know any man who wants to just snuggle.’

A rather blinkered view of the whole male race I reckon, but there’s of course something to be said for those willing to pay for snuggling…or whatever they want to call it.

We’ll leave it up to you to judge this one.