Snake Vs Snake – Ghana Man’s Toilet Visit Ends Rather Painfully

Snake Vs Snake – Ghana Man’s Toilet Visit Ends Rather PainfullyWithout getting too bogged down with double entendres, a man from Ghana apparently encountered a snake he hadn’t quite banked in while visiting the toilet.

In an incident that’s likely to have men the world over grimacing over their cornflakes, 34-year-old Kwabena Nkrumah was reportedly bitten right on the end of his manhood by a rather large snake.

The poor bloke was answering the call of nature in Ghana’s Ashanti Region when the serpent struck. Sitting on the toilet at the time, the large black serpent is said to have bitten and latched onto the man’s member and gave him the fright of his life.

He told reporters he nearly passed out from the shock of the experience, having bolted for the door before the snake had chance to strike again. Running from the bathroom screaming “snake!” at the top of his lungs, a panic unsurprisingly ensued and several other patrons exited with their pants around their ankles.

Mr. Nkrumah is now said to be at home after a brief stay in hospital to treat his injuries.

Of course, a sizeable grain of salt is required for any and all such stories rising from Ghana Web – the same site that recently posted a story on Swaziland witches facing a ban on riding their broomsticks above a height of 150 meters.