Hands Off My Nuts! Queen Elizabeth Peeved by Pilfering Police

Hands Off My Nuts! Queen Elizabeth Peeved by Pilfering PoliceIt’s not often you hear genuinely hilarious news from Buckingham Palace – hardly a place you associate with mirth and merriment.

Nevertheless, this week brings reports of none other than the Queen herself getting so fed up of police officers gobbling up her cashew nuts that she actually started personally marking their bowls they were in to catch them red-handed.

The revelation slipped out during the online phone-hacking trial currently playing out at the Old Bailey, which admittedly is anything but a laughing matter.

Still, the jury would have been right to smirk a little upon hearing that Her Majesty issued a stern memo ordering officers to ‘keep their sticky fingers out’ of her savory treats. We all know the frustration of finding our favorite nibble have been nicked – it seems the Queen is no different from the rest of us in this respect!

Bowls of nuts and Bombay Mix are placed around Buckingham Palace’s many rooms and corridors for the Monarch and her guests to nibble on as they wander around, according to the statement read out in court.

“The Queen is furious about police stealing bowls of nuts and nibbles left out for her in the apartments in the BP Queen’s corridor,” wrote former royal editor Clive Goodman for the News of the World back in 2005.

“She has a very savory tooth and staff leave out cashews, Bombay mix, almonds, etc.”

“Prob is that police on patrol eat the lot,”

“Queen is so narked she started marking the bowls to see when the levels dipped.”

“Memo now gone around to all Palace cops telling them to keep their sticky fingers out.”

Unsurprisingly, what was supposed to serve as evidence in a pretty serious matter triggered an outburst of laughter form the public gallery…court officials however weren’t quite as amused.