Coffee Causes Cancer? Absolutely Not – Charity Closes Case Conclusively

Coffee Causes Cancer? Absolutely Not – Charity Closes Case ConclusivelyThe debate as to whether coffee causes cancer has been raging for some time, despite the fact that there is zero medical evidence to support the idea. In order to close the lid on the subject once and for all, the World Cancer Research Fund has carried out a study to bring to light just how many people are still living their lives convinced of a danger that doesn’t exist.

According to the results of the study, up to one in ten adults still believe that drinking coffee causes cancer. Around 2,000 adults across the UK were polled for the study – around 9% of whom are perpetuating the misconception.

“There is no scientific evidence that coffee causes any form of cancer but the latest analysis of research has shown that it can have a preventative effect against womb cancer and there are suggestions it may protect against liver cancer,” read the statement from the charity.

By contrast, around 6% of those polled stated their belief that coffee is actually helpful against cancer, while 10% see the drink as an effective weight loss tool. However, the WCRF once again stated that there isn’t nearly enough evidence to back either assumption.

New evidence from our Continuous Update Project (CUP) suggests drinking coffee may decrease the risk of womb cancer, but there are still too many unanswered questions – such as how many cups we should drink, or how regularly – for us to provide any advice on coffee drinking,” said Dr Rachel Thompson of the WCRF.

“The CUP has found no consistent evidence that suggests coffee increases or decreases the risk of any other cancers but we are continually reviewing the evidence to see if this changes.”