Aspirin Could Cure Uncontrollable Anger – Scientists Link Rage with Inflammation

Aspirin Could Cure Uncontrollable Anger – Scientists Link Rage with InflammationScientists have drawn compelling links between uncontrollable anger and physical inflammation in the body, suggesting that simple aspirin could be used to cure the problem in sufferers outright.

Known in a medical capacity as ‘anger syndrome’ or ‘intermittent explosive disorder’, the condition is described as ‘failure to resist aggressive impulses’ and affects millions of teens and adults across the US.

Those known to suffer from the condition have a tendency to be aggressive, hostile, impulsive and more likely to explode in angry outbursts to any kind of provocation. Anger syndrome can be a hugely destructive force in a person’s life, posing a serious risk to their own physical and mental health as well as that of their family and friends.

Now however, a new study has drawn links between the condition and inflammation in the blood – those suffering from the disorder were found to have considerably higher inflammation markers than those not affected.

“We don’t yet know if the inflammation triggers aggression or aggressive feelings set off inflammation, but it’s a powerful indication,” said Professor Emil Coccaro, the scientist that led the study.

He also went on to state that considering rage disorders as ‘bad behaviour’ must be brought to a halt.

“It has strong genetic and biomedical underpinnings. This is a serious mental health condition that can and should be treated.”

It was then that Prof Coccaro made the suggestion that simple over-the-counter remedies like aspirin could potentially cure the often overbearing and life-altering condition.

“Medications that reduce inflammation may also drive down aggression,” he added.