Pee Detectors Installed in Atlanta Subway System – A Breath of Fresh Air!

Pee Detectors Installed in Atlanta Subway System – A Breath of Fresh Air!Take away the environmental benefits and there really can’t be many people across the US that would happily sing the praises of public transport. There’s just something about being stranded in a cold subway station that reeks of urine for an indefinite period of time that rubs the average American up the wrong way – Lord only knows why.

Well, the good news is that at least one of the downsides associated with public transport could become a thing of the past – at least for passengers in the Atlanta area. In what sounds like something of an April Fool’s joke crossed with an idea that should have been brought to fruition decades ago, Atlanta has rolled out a wave of urine detectors in subway elevators across the city.

That’s right – urine detectors in elevators – an obvious stroke of genius.

“It’s a urine detection device, called UDD,” reports WSBTV.

“If a person relieves her or himself, the sensors sound the alarm and the MARTA police will be there in seconds to catch the offender in the act. There is also better lighting and a camera catching all the action. The pilot program has been in place for a month, and that daily problem dropped to one incident, in which an arrest was made. Next month, MARTA will begin installing sensors in other elevators, with the goal to have them in all 111.”

So that’s one city down and about a thousand others to go – my only question being why it’s taken until the beginning of the year 2014 to start taking the problem of subway-pee seriously?