Canadian Woman Falls From Horse, Wakes with Scottish Accent

Canadian Woman Falls From Horse, Wakes with Scottish AccentA-List actors and actresses have for decades wrestled with the seemingly impossible task of nailing a Scottish accurately for a variety of on-screen roles. For one Canadian mother however, picking up a distinct Highland twang came quite a bit more easily than she’d expected…or hoped for.

In fact, she didn’t have any say in the matter and would gladly rid herself of her newfound accent if only she could.

After falling from a horse and suffering a relatively serious head injury, 50-year-old Sharon Campbell-Rayment awoke to find she was speaking with a Scottish accent. The mother of two from Ontario has never been close to Scotland in her entire life, but as even found herself compelled to adopt some Scottish dialect following the accident – words like ‘grand’ and ‘wee’.

Her rare and interest affliction – officially known as foreign language syndrome – inspired her to look into her family history, which does indeed include Scottish blood a few generations prior.

“Doctors have said I might have the Scottish accent for the rest of my life, or it might just disappear overnight but I don’t think it’s going anywhere fast,” she told reporters, before speaking of the book she’s writing all about the affliction.

She also believes that her ending up with a Scottish accent specifically was no accident, but some kind of message.

“I could have ended up with any accent – French, Spanish, even Klingon – but I got Scottish. ‘It was definitely a sign. I strongly believe it was a message telling me this is how things were meant to be.”