Are Spiders or Moths to Blame for Covering Entire Field in Webs?

Are Spiders or Moths to Blame for Covering Entire Field in Webs?Video of unexplained web appearance goes viral, as debate rages as to what could have caused the curiosity.

Of all the viral videos on the web this week, this particular example has caused the most heated debate. It features a man who supposedly came across a large patch of land while out on a walk that’s entirely covered end to end in what looks like a spider’s web.

The translucent white sheet covers everything in front of him and so far nobody has been able to fully explain what happened or what caused it.

“There is a huge build-up around the lamppost,” he says in the video, first published by LiveLeak.

“Flowers totally covered. No radiation content. Totally mad.”

The foremost theory lays the blame at the door of the Wolf Spiders, which although tiny in size can congregate in close-knit communities of millions. Others are adamant it is the work of the Ermine Moth caterpillar, which is known to cast pretty enormous webs for protection.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an eerily large web and had little to no idea how it happened. Back in 2012, the residents of Wagga Wagga, Australia (pictured), returned home after fleeing a flood to find the entire landscape coated in a creepy white sheet.