Czech Republic’s Extreme Method for Tackling Fear of Heights

Czech Republic’s Extreme Method for Tackling Fear of HeightsViral video shows woman being taken on a perilous walk up a 110-meter chimney stack, supposedly to help cure her fear of heights.

Some say the best way of getting over a fear is to throw yourself in at the deep end. It seems this philosophy goes international too, especially in the Czech Republic where fear of heights is being tackled in a rather unusual and downright terrifying way.

This viral video supposedly shows a woman with a fear of heights being taken up a chimney stack that goes right up to 110-meters while the wind howls all around her. It’s authenticity is of course being debated as we speak, but the clip has nonetheless chalked up tens of thousands of views from all over the world.

I don’t know about you, but after a walk up there in those winds I’d be coming down with a newfound fear of both heights and chimney stacks!