Bachelor Party Crashed by Professor Stephen Hawking – Bananamen Stunned

Bachelor Party Crashed by Professor Stephen Hawking – Bananamen StunnedBrit’s bachelor party takes an unexpected turn when the legendary physicist Stephen Hawking turns up and hangs around to pose for a photo or two

It sounds like the beginning of a joke almost too bizarre to even be funny.

“So Stephen Hawking and nine Bananamen walk into a bar…”

Not likely, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened earlier this week when a group of Brits went out to celebrate their friend’s bachelor party. 29-year-old Chris Hallam ended up with a surprise he couldn’t have possibly predicted when the gang just happened to bump into Professor Stephen Hawking.

Mr. Hallam captured the picture you see above and told reporters they’d asked Professor Hawking to join them a while, but he wasn’t able to hang around.

Still, he was there long enough for this once in a lifetime shot to be taken and shared – it’s already gone viral all over the world!

You have to wonder whether the poor staff at the pub felt as if they were having one hell of a practical joke played on them. I mean seriously – what would you think if this delightfully bizarre bunch walked into your workplace?