Man Left Gushing Blood After Cat Takes Distaste to Hugo Boss Aftershave

Man Left Gushing Blood After Cat Takes Distaste to Hugo Boss AftershaveNeighbor’s pet makes its feelings well known by repeatedly attacking a man for making the wrong aftershave choice

It’s not uncommon to turn one or two heads for all the wrong reasons when making a poor aftershave choice, but this poor guy rubbed the wrong party up the very wrong way.

Not exactly subtle in its approach, a pretty peeved cat decided to take a chunk out of a neighboring bloke’s head simply because he didn’t like the man’s Hugo Boss aftershave.

Such was the damage to his dome that he needed hospital treatment and has a three-inch war wound to keep as memento.

44-year-old Ian Olver decided to break out the good stuff before heading out over the weekend – the first time he’d opened the Hugo Boss Bottled Night since receiving it as a Christmas gift.

Sadly for him, the usually sweet little kitty next door…named Blue…had something of a distaste for strong smells and went ballistic when it caught a whiff of him. It jumped right at his face and neck and basically tried to bite and claw him half to death, leaving the poor man gushing blood from a huge gash to his head.

“I’m normally a cheap and cheerful sort of bloke so it’s rare that I’ll be wearing a posh aftershave but this was a Christmas present,” said a rather stunned Mr. Olver.

“I put on two or three squirts before going out but it wasn’t as though it was overpowering,”

“But as soon as I was inside the cat leapt up off table and landed on the back of my head,”

“I managed to fling it off but it jumped up to have another go. This time I managed to knock it away with my shoulder,”

“It was only then that I touched the back of my head and saw my hand was covered in blood,”

“It was so bad my wife called a paramedic out and then took me to hospital to have my cut glued together,”

“I don’t have any animosity towards the cat I just think it had a really bad reaction to the aftershave. I thought it was a nice smell – but obviously the cat didn’t agree.”

Animal experts insist that the cat probably though the smell was something of a threat to its territory.

Hugo Boss on the other hand has so far refused to comment on the incident.