Motorists Stunned by Dead 50-Foot Sperm Whale Flying Down the Highway

Motorists Stunned by Dead 50-Foot Sperm Whale Flying Down the HighwayLess-than subtle removal efforts of gigantic sea-beast don’t exactly go unnoticed – it’s hard to believe it didn’t cause any serious accidents!

Now there’s something you don’t see or smell every day – and you can thank your lucky stars for the fact!

Really – there’s nothing better-suited to breaking the monotony of a highway drive then seeing the rotting carcass of a 50-foot whale being hauled along on the back of a truck. Well, unless of course anyone on-board happens to suffer from motions sickness – the smell of the thing was apparently enough to crack engine blocks!

The poor sperm whale sadly met its maker after becoming beached on the UK coast near Kent, where it was left for almost a week before the time came to get rid of it. Suffice to say it had already passed its expiry date in terms of freshness, which meant that anyone unfortunate enough to get wind of it during its commute wouldn’t soon forget it.

“There was a Land Rover in front and behind, flashing orange lights and this massive whale with its head and tail chopped off,” said 41-year-old Mark Stephens who captured the bizarre images.

“There was blood and guts dropping off the back and everything,”

“The smell was unbelievable. I’ve worked near an abattoir and that smelled bad, but this was something else,”

“It was incredible really. You would have thought given the state it was in they would have transported it at night. I don’t think I’ll see anything like that again.”