What’s In a Headshake? Viral Video Seeks to Decode the Indian Headshake

What’s In a Headshake? Viral Video Seeks to Decode the Indian HeadshakeYouTube video delving into the mysterious subject of the Indian headshake has already chalked up over a million views – a culturally important insight or an insult to tradition?

Even wondered what’s really in a handshake? Or better still, how about a headshake?

There’s a viral video doing the rounds right now in which a filmmaker has set about decoding the Indian headshake, which has proved to be a massively popular concept and is raking in views by the million.

“A lot of people might find it strange,” said the movie’s maker Paul Mathew.

“But if you are born in India, as you grow up, it becomes a part of your character, your personality, that as you talk you tend to move your head in different ways.”

The popularity of the video – Indian Headshakes – What Do They Mean? – took Mr. Mathew completely by surprise, who admitted this week that: “If we had known that this video was going to get such awesome viewership we would have shot it better.”

The piece delves into the way in which many subtle differences in the speed, the style and the general presentation of the headshake carry very different meanings and can make clear statements in their own right. The shakes portrayed in the video have been embellished to a degree to get the point across, but Mr. Mathew remains adamant that it is 100% accurate and faithful to the historic trait.

Of course, response has been mixed and the video has been called everything from a cultural masterpiece to a racist abomination.

Still, it continues to pull in the punters and makes for interesting viewing nonetheless – take a look at the mini-documentary below and see for yourself: