World’s Second Largest Goldfish Has Marine Biologists Bowled Over

World’s Second Largest Goldfish Has Marine Biologists Bowled OverFoot-long ‘Goldie’ takes unofficial title having grown from an inch-long nipper over 15 years

Marine biologists from the UK are delighting in the discovery of what’s suspected to be the second biggest goldfish in the entire world.

Measuring in at over a foot in length, Goldie is a full 15 years old and grew from a tiddler of a fish only one inch long when he was purchased. He’s the proud pet of one 83-year-old Ada Shaw and scientists have dubbed the finding “simply amazing”.

The exact dimensions of Goldie are 38cm in length, 12cm in height and a weight of just under 1kg. Goldie has undoubtedly become the biggest goldfish living in Great Britain today, though is apparently in silver medal position in terms of global rankings

The top spot has said to have been snared by goldfish of unknown name from the Netherlands, which measures a whopping 48cm in length.

“I feed Goldie at 10 o’clock in the morning and again at 10 o’clock at night, but I have no idea how he got so big,” Ms Shaw told reporters this week.

“I give him a little bit more if I think he’s looking for some, even though I shouldn’t, but he hasn’t suffered for it has he?”

Indeed he hasn’t – and now he’s made the both of you world famous!