Eew! Two Thirds of Men Take Smartphones or Tablets to the Toilet

Eew! Two Thirds of Men Take Smartphones or Tablets to the ToiletNew study sheds light on what men would consider to be the ideal day, which includes fewer friends, more eating, less sleeping and more bedroom time.

Next time your get yourself a chirpy text or social media comment of any kind from one of your male counterparts, it’s worth considering what he may have doing at the time of its sending.

We all need a little inspiration and time to ourselves, but a new study has revealed that almost two-thirds of men scarcely use the toilet without taking the Smartphones or Tablet PCs along for the ride.

Suddenly “Thinking of you” and words to the same effect don’t carry quite the same meaning!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, more than a quarter of men (25%) admitted that they regularly plan out their schedules in their minds during their most intimate engagements with their partners.

The study was carried out by Unilever and uncovered some interesting though not entirely shocking truths about men. For example, the so-called ‘Ideal Day’ the survey was created to decipher for the modern man apparently includes no more than three and a half hours of productivity, though a full four hours of alternative ‘productivity’ in the bedroom.

In addition, 70% admitted they’d happily ditch a fair few of their friends altogether, if it meant they would be able to free up some time to fit more into their lives.

Time spent with friends and family would be filed down to just over three and a half hours – exactly same amount of time they’d dedicate to sleeping. 29 minutes would be earmarked for grooming and meals/snacks/drinking would consume over two and a half hours of the day.

“The demands of modern society mean that young men are under pressure to fit more and more into their lives and are looking for advances in products and technology to allow them to do this,” said Unilever exec Paul O’Connor.

Unilever recently launched new spray-deodorant technology that allows half-size cans to be used for just as long as regular sized products – the inspiration behind the survey.