Cat-Sized Rats Immune to Conventional Poison Plaguing the UK

Cat-Sized Rats Immune to Conventional Poison Plaguing the UKResidents of Liverpool are being forced to keep a close eye on their ankles due to a reported plague of rats measuring up to two feet long that cannot be killed by conventional rat poisons.

Those with a fear or regular Earth-sized rats should probably stop reading now – especially if planning a trip to the UK in the near future. More famous for being the home of The Beatles, Liverpool is this week hitting the headlines for slightly creepier reasons after pictures were published of the city’s so-called super rats.

And we’re not talking superheroes to rival everyone’s favorite mutant turtles either – it’s a lot more grim than that!

In short, Liverpool seems to be facing a plague of rats that are not only the size of full-grown cats, but also happen to be immune to standard rat poison. So severe is the situation that pest controllers may have to switch to a poison so deadly that it’s only available directly via the British government.

So if you’d been thinking of making a visit to the Beatles Experience this summer, you might want to keep an eye on what’s going on around your ankles!