Study: Men Doing More Housework Than Ever, Still Not Nearly Enough

Brace yourself a pretty big “I told you so” fellas – it turns out you’re still not pulling your weight around the home nearly as much as you should be!

According to the results of a new study carried out at the University of Maryland, male involvement in household chores in general has come along leaps and bounds since the 60s. Back in the day, it was common for the average women to dedicate around four hours a day to looking after the home, whereas male involvement was limited to about 30-minutes on average. Suffice to say, there’s barely a bloke in the United States that would get away with this kind of bone-idleness in 2015, but data suggest that most of you blokes still aren’t doing nearly your fair share.

Study: Men Doing More Housework Than Ever, Still Not Nearly Enough

…cue a huge gasp of shock among America’s female population.

“Women’s daily housework dropped by one hour and 45 minutes between 1965 and 2012, falling from four hours a day to less than two-and-a half hours a day,” the report revealed.

On a slightly more positive note, while the average woman’s involvement in household chores plummets since 1965, men were found by the year 2012 to be doing 300% more housework than they were a few decades earlier. There’s still a rather glaring gap with the research paper having suggested that women continue to do at least 70% more housework than men on average, but in any case it paints a better picture for our menfolk than making no progress at all…right?

We’ll leave that for the ladies to decide…over to you!