Samsung Foldable Phone Will Be Harder To Buy And Cost Up $2,500

Unconfirmed claims from a report by Gizmodo, UK says that Samsung’s foldable smartphone may not be available to everyone and will have a huge price tag up to $2500.

Gizmodo’s UK source, which they verify to be a Samsung employee, says this groundbreaking device will be offered through a limited number of channels only in the UK. It will be offered in Samsung stores SIM-free and if through carrier EE it will be either SIM-free or on contract.

If true, Samsung’s foldable smartphone’s debut will be unlike its flagships Galaxy S and Galaxy Note which are offered by almost all major carriers and it is unknown at the present time if it will be harder to purchase in the US compared to its former top of the line models.

No mention either of installment plans being offered but its hard to imagine Samsung and EE wont be, considering the price tag is rumored to range from $1900 to $2500 according to this employee.

There will be different models of the foldable smartphone and so there will be different ranges in prices. The most expensive of course will be for the device offering the highest internal storage and RAM. Previous rumors had it that the highest price would be $1850 but most recent rumors have it far exceeding that by $750.

This isn’t too surprising since $1000 price tags have been pushed recently by the smartphone industry. And it sounds as though Samsung is pushing forward the higher pricing of devices going beyond that bracket if it does list its best smartphone at $2500!

Earlier this month at the Samsung Developer’s Conference (SDC) it’s foldable smartphone was on display giving attendee’s a sneak preview of what it will look like and how it will operate, especially the folding of it using its Infinity Flex Display: going from looking like a smartphone to opening up and looking and working like a tablet using a multi-active window with the ability to run at least three apps at the same time.

While these features were demonstrated at the SDC event other features of its design were not shared and were kept secret.

Samsung hasn’t yet made a final decision on naming its new foldable smartphone device which could end up being Galaxy X, or Galaxy F or Galaxy Flex.

A report coming out of South Korea, Samsung’s home country, is that come next February 2019 at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung’s foldable smartphone will be officially announced and released.

But it is also rumored that LG may also unveil a foldable smartphone next year at the global stage for innovation, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is scheduled to be held from January 6–11, 2019.