Wattpark Is Airbnb For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With the increase of electrical vehicles (EV) being manufactured by companies such as Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, GMC, etc., on the rise, so is the necessity for electrical plug-ins or charging stations.  And one company called Wattpark is cashing in on this future necessity with a product called Wattpark.

Most people who purchase EVs get charged-up at specified locations paying bout $10 per charge-up which for consumers is half the price of gasoline. Tesla provides charging stations for its customers and currently provides free charge-ups for the first 1,000 miles.

Some EV owners have even charged up at a mall when they couldn’t locate a standard gas station with an electrical hook-up for charging.  

Most charge-ups will most likely be done eventually at home or at work.  At home, an EV owner can just plug into a 240 volt outlet overnight. USA Today reports that more businesses are offering outlets in their parking garages for their employees use with the expectation that providing this convenient amenity will keep workers happy and at work.

So that’s where Wattpark comes in. It’s a device or robot that can be purchased by an individual owner or a business or maybe even an apartment complex or hotels for around $600 dollars which is for the hardware and it would come with a special app called Book and Plug.  As the owner of the device you would plug in your info and EV owners who don’t have access to a personal charging port could use the app to find you and book an appointment.

Using the Book and Plug app provides you with the opportunity to make a profit out of this scheme.  People who own electric cars without a charging port would find you with the Book and Plug app, book an appointment for plug-in which could take 30 minutes to overnight and pay you for the charge-up. Hence the reference to this device being the Airbnb for EVs. Or you could do it for free!  But remember you will still have to pay the power bill at the end of the day.

Wattpark can be installed anywhere there is a connection to a power source and where it would be legal to do so. It features a universal charging connector. Its design is futuristic and looks a lot like Wheatley which is a fictional AI from the game franchise called Portal 2 but cut in half. The charging port is surrounded with red and blue flashing lights.  It is currently on display at the 2019 CES – the annual consumer electronics show.  Wattpark is scheduled to be available in September of 2019.

The future of driving looks to be more and more electric!