Samsung Waits Gearing phone Launching after issues

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Samsung is pushing this week’s planned general public release of its highly anticipated, $2000 gearing phone back after reports that reviewers’ telephones were breaking.

The company had been planning to launch the Galaxy twist on Friday, but instead it will now run more tests and announce that a new launch date in the”coming months”

The delay is a setback for the smartphone market and also for Samsung which had been pinning some hopes about the phone to catalyze innovation. Most expected it would signal in a fresh wave of smartphone improvements — an area that’s been lagging in recent decades, although the Galaxy Fold, using its price tag, wasn’t intended to be a market strike.

But device reviewers quickly found the size of a tablet when both sides are pulled apart, and difficulty using the Galaxy Fold, which is around the size of an average smartphone when folded.

Many journalists reported days, freezing and that the inside displays flickering. Two reviewers removed an outer layer that was intended to stay on and reported scratches on the screen then.

Samsung affirmed last week that the coating was intended to remain on. But that didn’t explain the reason why reviewers saw the phone screens split.

An inspection showed there may be problems if pressure is set on the regions of the hinges which shut and open the phone, Samsung said in a statement Monday, announcing the launch delay. In addition, it discovered a problem where”compounds found in the apparatus affected the display performance.”

Samsung said it will to find ways clarify to people that the exterior layer must remain on and to better protect the displays.

Other evaluation phones seemed to still be working and so far holding up to the Samsung pledge that the telephone can be unfolded about 200,000 times in its life.